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Mike Holly received Master degrees in Business Administration and Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1980 and 1983, respectively. His health care article published on Mises Wire is an updated and condensed version of his MBA thesis. He did his internship at the Minnesota Department of Health where he invented an ambulance allocation model. After receiving his chemical engineering degree, he worked as an Alternative Energy Engineer and Business Analyst with the Minnesota Department of Energy and Economic Development from 1984-5. In 1985, he co-founded Sorgo Fuels and Chemicals, Inc. to develop technology for the production of various products from an agricultural crop, but was blocked by preferential government policies favoring monopolies and also production from other resources. In 2016, he founded Americans Against Monopolies  to catalog the preferential government policies favoring monopolies in virtually every major U.S. market.

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The Feds Choose Winners and Losers in the Energy Industries

02/26/2020Power & Market
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The Coal Industry's Ongoing Demise Is Helped Along by Federal Regulators

02/25/2020Power & Market
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Government-Created Monopolies Are Everywhere

Monopoly and Competition


Throughout American history, politicians have incessantly awarded preferential policies (e.g., “corporate welfare”) to special interests that has allowed them to create monopolies dominating virtually every major market.

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The Many Ways Governments Create Monopolies

Monopoly and Competition


Most major sectors in the US economy have been distorted by government policies pushing monopolies and limiting competition.

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How Government Regulations Made Healthcare So Expensive

Big GovernmentHealth


The US has paid a heavy price for denying potential competitors entry into the health-care marketplace.

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