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Lipton Matthews

Lipton Matthews is a researcher, business analyst, and contributor to Merion WestThe FederalistAmerican Thinker, Intellectual Takeout,, and Imaginative Conservative. Visit his YouTube channel, with numerous interviews with a variety of scholars, here. He may be contacted at or on Twitter (@matthewslipton).

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Reparations for Government-Imposed Property Theft Are Justified and Necessary

ProgressivismProperty Rights


Reparations is a buzzword in the present political climate, but most plans involve an expansion of the welfare state. But there is a form of reparations that is legitimate.

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Do Institutions Play a Role in Promoting Economic Growth? In Short, Yes.

DemocracyProperty Rights


We are told that economic growth goes along with liberal democracy. But social institutions play an important role that transcends the political order.

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The Royals' Jamaican Tour

04/05/2022Power & Market
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The Difference Between Education and Human Capital

04/05/2022Power & Market
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If Genghis Khan Can Get Fair Treatment from Historians, Why Can't Thomas Jefferson?

03/17/2022Power & Market
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