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Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public speaker, and advocate for property, markets, and civil society. He takes particular interest in private legal systems and private money as tools for radically decentralizing political power. He previously worked on the congressional staff of Congressman Ron Paul, for whom he wrote hundreds of articles and speeches. In his years with Dr. Paul he worked with countless grassroots activists and organizations dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government.

Jeff also spent many years as an attorney advising private equity clients on mergers and acquisitions. 

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

07/24/2022Mises Media
Welcome to Mises University 2022!
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From the Publisher July–August 2022

Economic FreedomHealthMedia and Culture

07/21/2022The Austrian
Even amidst plenty of bad news, quiet revolutions happen all around us. My interview with Dr. G. Keith Smith, founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, gives us a look inside this medical revolution and will leave you optimistic for the future.
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The Language Vandals

PhilosophyPhilosophy and Methodology


Language is an institution in society. We need to protect it from vandals in the state-linguistic complex.

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Rising Interest Rates May Blow Up the Federal Budget

Economic PolicyThe FedInflationMonetary PolicyU.S. EconomyPolitical Theory

07/10/2022Mises Media
Congress enjoys exorbitant political privilege in the form of cheap deficit spending—but it may soon come to an end.
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