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Michael Oliver is proprietor of Momentum Structural Analysis, which provides technical research services to financial and asset management clients. He is the author of The New Libertarianism: Anarcho-Capitalism (2013). See David Gordon's review of The New Libertarianism: "Anarcho-Capitalists Against Ayn Rand".

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The New Banner Interview with Murray N. Rothbard

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12/06/2014Mises Daily Articles
Michael Oliver witnessed the beginning of the modern anarcho-capitalism movement, meeting Rothbard in the early 1970s. His graduate thesis was on Rothbard's description of a libertarian society and attempted to reconcile Rothbardian thought with the work of Ayn Rand.
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Michael Oliver: Rothbard vs. Rand—Can Anarcho-Capitalism and Objectivism Be Reconciled?

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12/05/2014Mises Media
If you like debating Rothbard vs. Rand — or anarcho-capitalism vs. limited government — you’ll enjoy this interview with Michael Oliver.
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