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Gary North (1942–2022) is the author of Mises on Money; Honest Money: The Biblical Blueprint for Money and Banking; and Gertrude Coogan's Bluff: Greenback Populism as Conservative Economics. He is also the author of a free 31-volume series, An Economic Commentary on the Bible.

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How Come We're So Rich?

Money and BanksU.S. Economy

10/08/2014Mises Media
The Lou Church Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the Lou Church Foundation, presented at the Austrian Economics Research Conference. Recorded 21 March 2013 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Includes an introduction by Joseph T. Salerno. Music by Kevin MacLeod.
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The Sanctuary Society and its Enemies

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryInterventionism

07/30/2014The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Two fundamental principles of Western law had their origins in Mosaic Israel. The first principle was the rule of law and the second principle was open immigration.


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Millenialism and the Progressive Movement

Media and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology

07/30/2014The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Murray Rothbard was seriously interested in a remarkably large array of topics, one of them being the effects of rival eschatological views during the Progressive era. The period was marked by four major eschatological views: postmillennialism, amillennialism, and the two forms of premillennialism...


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Undermining Property Rights: Coase and Becker

Free MarketsMonetary Theory

07/30/2014The Journal of Libertarian Studies
“Coase, get your cattle off my land.” –Walter Block In one sentence, Walter Block called into question Ron Coase’s central conclusion in his now-famous theorem, namely, that the original distribution of ownership would not affect the allocation of scarce resources in a free market, if...


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Careers for Austrians

Austrian Economics OverviewCalculation and Knowledge

07/22/2014Mises Media
A special lunchtime seminar. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 22 July 2014. The video discussed during this presentation may be viewed here .
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