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David Gordon is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was educated at UCLA, where he earned his PhD in intellectual history. He is the author of Resurrecting Marx: The Analytical Marxists on Exploitation, Freedom, and JusticeThe Philosophical Origins of Austrian EconomicsAn Introduction to Economic Reasoning, and Critics of Marx. He is also editor of Secession, State, and Liberty and coeditor of H.B. Acton's Morals of Markets and Other Essays.

Dr. Gordon is the editor of the  Mises Review, and a contributor to such journals as Analysis, the International Philosophic Quarterly, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

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Community and Civil Society over State

Decentralization and SecessionPolitical Theory

02/12/2021The Austrian
Raghuram Rajan has written a surprising book calling for strengthening of the local, “proximate,” community.
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The Problem with "You Own What You Make"

LibertarianismPhilosophyProperty RightsPhilosophy and Methodology

02/12/2021Friday Philosophy
In my view the language of “homesteading” of persons (i.e., children) is best abandoned. Retaining it causes confusion, and nothing essential to the theory is lost by giving it up.
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Burt Blumert's Ninety-Second Birthday

Economic FreedomPhilosophy


Today would have been Burt Blumert's ninety-second birthday

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William Graham Sumner Was No "Social Darwinist"

Philosophy and Methodology

02/05/2021Friday Philosophy
William Graham Sumner did not believe in "social Darwinism" as his critics think, but rather that to survive, people must organize themselves in a society. Sumner is right.
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A Caricature of Classical Liberalism: It's All about Individualism and Materialism

Book ReviewsPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


In her history of liberalism (both classical and otherwise) Helena Rosenblatt relies on a caricature of liberals as radically individualistic and concerned only with material gain. This is an unfortunate mistake. 

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