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David Gordon

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David Gordon is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was educated at UCLA, where he earned his PhD in intellectual history. He is the author of Resurrecting Marx: The Analytical Marxists on Exploitation, Freedom, and JusticeThe Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics,An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, and Critics of Marx. He is also editor of Secession, State, and Liberty and co-editor of H.B. Acton'sMorals of Markets and Other Essays.

Dr. Gordon is the editor of The Mises Review, and a contributor to such journals as analysisThe International Philosophic QuarterlyThe Journal of Libertarian Studies, and The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

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Anti-Piketty: Capital for the 21st Century

SocialismPolitical Theory

04/03/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
If capitalism has been so bad for the poor, how can it be that the standard of living for the poor has vastly increased?


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The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Economic Growth, and Increase Inequality

SocialismU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

04/03/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
What should be done to end the Progressives influence over government and the economy and to promote the public good?
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The Many Ways the Pope Is Wrong About Capitalism


Although the pope remains unaware of this, the rise and development of capitalism has resulted in a massive decrease in global poverty.

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Murray Rothbard's Birthday


Today would have been Murray Rothbard's 92nd birthday.

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Remembering Burt Blumert


Burt Blumert was one of the greatest figures in the modern libertarian movement.
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