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Dale Steinreich is an economist and an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute.

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Sayonara MSAs

HealthMoney and BanksCapital and Interest TheoryInterventionism

12/25/2000Mises Daily Articles
Medical Savings Accounts promised market incentives in health insurance. Congress didn't renew them, but Dale Steinreich argues they weren't so great anyway.

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The Napster Question

Legal SystemValue and Exchange

10/30/2000Mises Daily Articles
Copyright protection is legitimate in a free society, but the government, not Napster, is the biggest violator.

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Social Security Reform: True and False

HealthTaxes and Spending

10/01/1996The Free Market
In an episode of "Married With Children," Jefferson Darcy tells Al Bundy that he can get fast cash by suing a mall for his stress-related injury. "Malls set aside millions for this type of thing," says Darcy. "If we don't get it, it'll go to Social Security and then no one will get it!" Everyone...

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A Capitalist Christmas

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

12/01/1995The Free Market
To this day Christmas remains a celebration of liberty and private life, as well as a much-needed break from the incessant politicization of modern life. It's the most pro-capitalist of all holidays because its temporal joys are based on private property, voluntary exchange, and mutual benefit.

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Backfire on Gun Control

Big Government

11/01/1995The Free Market
Since October 1993, we have lived through the biggest buying spree of firearms in the history of the U.S. It began just before the passage of the Brady Bill and has yet to die down. And the boom in sales will continue so long as members of the governing elites are infatuated with the prospect of...

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