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C.Jay Engel is an entrepreneur who owns several businesses and lives with his wife and three children in northern California. He is an avid reader of the Austro-libertarian literature and a dedicated proponent of private property and sound money. He is the creator and editor of  and its associated new publication Austro Libertarian Magazine.

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The Fed's Emerging Balance Sheet Plan

The Fed

04/03/2017Mises Wire
The Fed's 2017 narrative is balance sheet adjustment. But how far can they get without a market protest?
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Central Banks are Completely Oblivious

Money and Banks

03/31/2017Mises Wire
The ECB's Peter Praet's recent comment on the stability of the financial system reveals a remarkable blindness.
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Klaas Knot on ECB Tapering: "We'll See."

The FedMoney and Banks

03/30/2017Mises Wire
As the Fed continues to hike rates, the ECB must soon follow the course of cutting back on "easing" policy.
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Janet Yellen on Workforce Development

The Fed

03/29/2017Mises Wire
Yellen sees challenges to be solved in the labor market, but completely misses the Fed and government's hand in the problems.
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Fed Financial Statements: $6 Billion Drop in Fed Remittances

The FedTaxes and Spending

03/24/2017Mises Wire
Every year the Fed remits its profits to the US Treasury every year. A drop in Fed profits means less for the US Treasury.
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