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AwardsGary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Lifetime Defense of Liberty

Bettina Bien Greaves was a senior scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, she attended Ludwig von Mises's New York University seminar and worked with Mises as his assistant for many years.

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Mises's Suggested Research Topics, 1950-1968

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05/05/2006Articles of Interest
Bettina-Bien Greaves took careful notes during Ludwig von Mises's New York seminars. Whenever he made a comment that suggested research paper or book, she jotted it down on a note card.
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To What Extent Was Rand a Misesian?

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04/11/2005Mises Daily Articles
This year marks the 100 th anniversary of Ayn Rand's birth. Her books sold in the millions and were most effective in transforming a generation of readers into ardent anti-communists and strong capitalists.
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Mises: An Annotated Bibliography; 1982-1993


The second volume of Bettina Bien Greaves's complete bibliography of Mises.
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Mises: An Annotated Bibliography


An essential companion to all of Mises's works, this easy-to-use bibliography covers his life from Vienna to New York. It provides summaries of his works and detailed publication information--a real treasure trove. A special treat is the extensive coverage of what others from all political...
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