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Alice Salles was born and raised in Brazil but has lived in America for over ten years. She now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband Nick Hankoff and their three children.  

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New York’s "Soak the Rich" Approach Only Helps Politicians

04/12/2019Power & Market

It is “political ambition and the sin of covetousness,” as Chodorov put it, that helps to perpetuate the idea that government has a right to confiscate property in the name of the common good. And politicians bank on it, using it to boost political clout.

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Swedish Ex-Prime Minister Rebukes Bernie: Socialism Only Destroys

03/04/2019Power & Market

Much of Sweden's current success is built on the rollback of taxation and regulation that occurred there during the early 1990s. In short, even the Swedes know Bernie-nomics is simplistic and dangerous.

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Understanding "Brazil’s Donald Trump"

Global EconomyWorld History


As they did with Trump, the media categorizes Brazil's Bolsonaro as a “hateful” candidate, but it never tries to take a serious look at how Brazilians have suffered under leftist regimes.

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The Damage Done by the Kavanaugh Hearings


No one is discussing Kavanaugh's awful record on the Bill of Rights. Meanwhile, the media is sending a terrible message to women.

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Congress Will Make Sure Taxpayers Keep Sending Money to Terrorists

Cronyism and CorporatismWar and Foreign Policy

Rand Paul's legislation — banning funding of weapons for terrorist-connected organizations — has little chance in a Congress addicted to war spending.
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