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Adam Young is a freelance Austrolibertarian writer and reviewer. He lives in Canada.

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Secession in Michigan

Political Theory

01/07/2003Mises Daily Articles
Does justice permit people to be charged for services that they do not use? Certainly not. But this is the very essence of government. One family in Michigan decided that they wouldn't take it anymore, fought city hall, and won. Adam Young tells the story.
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A Retrospective on Johnson's Poverty War

Legal SystemTaxes and SpendingU.S. History

12/26/2002Mises Daily Articles
Washington loves the analogy—-and reality—-of war. Adam Young considers one of the most famous uses of that term, the War on Poverty. It was in reality, a State-sponsored war on the opportunities of the poor and on all Americans.
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Will War Bring Prosperity?

U.S. EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

10/08/2002Mises Daily Articles
Many intellectuals believe that war is good for many things, including fixing up a weak economy, writes Adam Young. The coming invasion and occupation of Iraq will happen because the Bush administration believes in the Keynesian/Great Depression myth of perpetual war for perpetual prosperity.
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Public Turns on Business

Media and CultureValue and Exchange

10/01/2002Mises Daily Articles
It's a neat trick, writes Adam Young: the media sell a certain viewpoint, then take a poll and cite public opinion to illustrate that, yes indeed, the public agrees with what it has been told, and that the only solution is more government intervention.
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Lincoln and Bismarck: Enemies of Liberalism

BiographiesWar and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory

08/19/2002Mises Daily Articles
Abraham Lincoln is incorrectly remembered as a restorer of liberty, while Prussian autocrat Otto von Bismarck is generally seen as a ruthless dictator, eager to sacrifice men to his policy of deciding the future of his countrymen "by blood and iron." Contrary to this view, Adam Young explains why...
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