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When Proxy Wars Come Home

When Proxy Wars Come Home

If we look long enough and hard enough, we might find an example of something in the US is not by the state, of the state and for the state.  But it’s becoming more difficult.

We live, if we live in the US, within a reverberating echo chamber of the bits of US foreign policy we can observe and understand.  Those bits relate mainly to trade wars, monetary wars, and proxy wars.  Each of these overtly externally directed “wars” echo in American streets and towns, across the land and into the center of all urban areas – where the real war against American interests is being fought.

US bipartisan foreign policy demands trade wars!   This promotes autarky, which requires heavy government subsidization, that drives heavy taxation, reduces private money, liberty and innovation, in turn making it less likely that anything the US makes is desired by the rest of the work on its own merits, reducing US wealth and quality of life.  All of these negative effects are then blamed on the countries that we refused to trade with in the first place, and who now have little reason to trade with us — although they may be willing to flood our borders with victims of trade wars, ours by design, theirs reactionary.

US bipartisan foreign policy demands monetary wars!  Wars to defend the fiat currency of the US, to preserve the dollar as global reserve currency, the petrodollar, while involving foreign policies and UN positions, also produces direct acts of war as salacious as the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines, and color revolutions to replace governments we don’t like.  It has produced the most banal wars and occupations for control of Middle Eastern oil, the 50-year US military subsidy of global US oil concerns, and the toppling of any leader of a country that shows interest in a gold-backed currency – something the US will never again be able to offer.  The domestic blowback of monetary wars on the average American at home is war, conscription, government debt, personal debt, high taxes, and planned and rapidly increasing, never-ending inflation, that steals the most from the poorest.  This aspect of US foreign policy impoverishes all Americans in many ways, but it has literally created a new class of American serf with few choices and fewer dreams, a class wearing the leg irons and waist chains of a bankrupted state.

US bipartisan foreign policy demands proxy wars!  On a continuous basis, it enjoys getting other organizations and people and countries to fight and die for its interests – which is to say the interests of the deep state, the interconnected power and subsidy seeking 5% of – not the richest sector of the population – but the most psychopathic.

Before we go on, pause for a moment to think about our government’s psychopathy.  A key difference between psychopaths and sociopaths, is a psychopath’s aggression tends to be goal oriented and they are better than the more common sociopath at “avoiding trouble through deceit and manipulation.”  These two factors – goal-oriented aggression and the use of deceit and manipulation to avoid trouble – are widely and consistently observed in those who rule the state and those who implement its demands.    Politicians and cops, petty bureaucrats and tax collectors, career military personnel, employees in government agencies like the CDC, FDA and USDA, or agencies responsible for education loans and learning, welfare administration, immigration, and elections are all positions where we see psychopathy working well.

Who could disagree that the public persona and curriculum vitae of the recently retired State Department careerist Victoria Nuland Kagan fits the description well?  No doubt psychopaths like Nuland exist, and while I have no personal desire to take away their life or freedom – how could someone like this achieve the power to maim and murder not just people, but whole institutions, and whole countries that may be targets of her aggression and deceit and manipulation?  The question answers itself.

None of this is a secret.  One of the wonderful things about the left’s hated Trump presidency is that they could, recognize, miraculously, scales lifted and clouds parted, suddenly they, as one, saw that the US was in fact a kakistocracy!  Imagine realizing in 2016 that government by the worst and most unscrupulous people among us was real – and problematic!  And they did realize it, at least for four years, after which the kakistocracy continued apace, the problems grew, and they said nothing, lied about everything, and quit talking about kakistocracy.

US foreign policy requires that other people die for US government interests, that they give their lives and their democracies and even their religions up so that the US government can get what it wants, in that moment.  Creating and fomenting internal crises in other countries is a whole mission area for the CIA, but that grievous cancer on the Constitution is not the only agency at work here.  US global law enforcement – either via the FBI or the US Coast Guard — incidentally created by the visionary Alexander Hamilton to prevent tax avoidance – and any of numerous agencies designed to achieve the will of the US government are all part of the proxy wars.  We think of Ukraine as a proxy in the US war against Russia, NATO as a US proxy in eastern Europe, and US bureaucrat’s hand-picked/coup-delivered leadership on every continent as part of this US preference for proxy war.

Utilizing sub-state or non-state actors and organizations to conduct the will of the US is completely typical for this latter part of the American experiment.  In recent memory, we have Al Qaeda, evolving to ISIS, and then ISIS-K.  As a proxy against Iran and Syria, we have the little Zionist state, which bombs its neighbors regularly, and serves US interests there and around the world.  Many have wondered why the US doesn’t stop the slaughter in Gaza, by simply denying the fuel, intelligence, surveillance, airpower, aircraft and system maintenance, bombs, bullets and cash we have expedited daily into Israel for the past 5 months as they bomb to death and starve over two million Palestinians, with their publicly stated aim to take Gaza for Israel’s expansion and economy.  Israel serves the US well.  Even if Congress and the Presidency wasn’t owned, blackmailed, and manipulated by Zionist interests (something that it appears to be, and cannot be proven not to be) – Israel gets its way in Gaza now because the US demands proxy wars, and Israel plays an oversized role in assisting in these proxy wars.

Hamas itself was an Israeli proxy, one supported by the US as well, devised and funded to achieve a common aim – and while the US speaks publicly of a “two state solution” as we know from practice and the odd public admission, that’s pablum for the masses, and has never been part of the USG objective.

It is the US Government’s penchant for proxy wars that is most dangerous to actual Americans, and most deadly to the American dream.  While both trade wars and monetary wars bring the economic blowback of unwanted immigration, undesirable emigration, inflation, loss of innovation and capital, fewer jobs, and expanding poverty – the American people have ways of mitigating these negative impacts.  Home- and self-schooling, innovative funding mechanisms for innovation and mutual support, use of decentralizing groups and communications and knowledge sharing are beating the odds for many Americans.  One wonders if the US bipartisan attack on TikTok is actually about this!  We are still able to create, produce, and to live lives and raise families in ways that are not serf-like, not warlike, not manipulated at every turn by the overweening state.  Capital flows to non-fiat and non-government manipulated commodities and a million ways to network and energize American life are evident, and difficult to centrally control.

US proxy warfare directly harms the average American, the 60-90% of Americans who live and work here, and who cannot easily emigrate.  This sector – this backbone and economic driver – is becoming more impoverished and more dependent on the state every day despite their best efforts. Proxy warfare – more than trade and monetary warfare – requires the US Government to simultaneously lie, cheat, steal and murder – through the association with what can only be described as the criminal element of society – theirs and ours.  Murder for hire, rioters for hire, witnesses and juries and politicians for hire, drug dealing, human smuggling, computer hacking – the criminal skillset is of great value to a state that favors proxy wars.  Proxy warfare also relies on lawfare and propaganda, ever-increasing state control of information, massive, constant, ever-expanding surveillance, and state secrecy at all levels.

A government that practices proxy warfare as a substitute for actual defensive warfare is doubly disappointed – the proxy wars always fail, even when Senators boast about their cost efficiency, and cartels reap massive benefits from them.  Sometimes they fail because the premise of the project was faulty, as in neocon-designed military disasters, but they often fail specifically because the US Government invariably chooses the least popular, least competent, and most corrupt sectors of the political arena with whom to fight their proxy war.  And how could they do otherwise, as the USG invariably opposes the popular and populist candidates and parties, and works with those who openly choose US interests over those of their own country, in a cheap bid for political power and cash.

A government that hones the skills needed for proxy war, in lieu of developing the capabilities and ideals of a defensive Republican army, puts its every citizen in danger.  We have already seen that – despite over a trillion a year for the Pentagon and CIA, and multiple additional trillions wasted in proxy wars just since 1990 – our US military is simply not that capable.  US weapons cannot match those of many other countries, the technology is stagnant, inefficient, and vulnerable, US vaunted global logistics is an expensive shell of what we paid for, and the human element suffers from poor leadership, immorality, narcissism, and institutionally cannot attract, house or train even barely qualified cannon fodder.  Wise parents of every race and class today guide their children away from military service.

Failed and failing US-created proxy wars have fueled massive illegal immigration here, and around the world.  But it is the development of Washington’s massive propaganda and information control capability, its extensive and largely automated monitoring and surveillance of citizens, and the integration of information, communications, banking and the marketplace that has grown and matured as a result of the way the USG has chosen to fight – and that fight is domestic now.

Patchwork controls of communication to the patched-together Patriot Act, its several successive legislative monstrosities, the growth and expansion of every kind of spy agency – have led us to what we now know from the Wikileaks and Twitter files, and the revealed totalitarianism of the COVID exercise and deep state electioneering.  The US government sees average Americans as little more than populations to be manipulated, and micro-economies to be squeezed.  Proxy war techniques – propaganda, bribes, threats, outright media lies, strategies for social and ethnic division – are all in play daily – and we the people are one raised eyebrow or one raw meme away from being categorized as an enemy of the state.  It is a great honor and a native aspiration of all Americans to be an enemy of the state philosophically;  however, when the state itself names you as such, it is without philosophy, ahistorical, without humor, and without recourse.

Good examples of this abound – US political prisoners exist and their numbers and punishments are increasing; state-led public persecutions of people who have done little more than angered or embarrassed the state are the rule.  The embattled presidential campaign of Donald Trump is no doubt a  domestic bellwether.  Overwhelmingly, people and leaders around the world recognize this treatment of a populist candidate by the threatened establishment as a kind of domestic proxy war conducted by the state.  But Washington sees simply an enemy, supported by enemy domestic aliens, who must be divided, manipulated and lied to – and if that fails, deprived of a living, and ultimately slaughtered, if it comes to that.

The Republic was never designed, nor intended, to become an empire – yet it did.  It was never intended to fail – yet it is failing.  Every skill the US Government – and the MICIMATT – has developed in the past several decades will be used – and is being used today  – against the people who live here, to silence, corral, control, demonize and ultimately destroy them.  The state can do little else, because today, it knows nothing else.

Is there any good news?  Of course!  Trade wars, monetary wars, and proxy wars all eventually fail, and they fail for similar and very predictable reasons.  Even as the state invests heavily in these coordinated efforts, and plans to fight the last fight here at home, each of us have also been – perhaps unwillingly and unknowingly – prepared to do our part to resist this worst form of blowback.  The United States will collapse, and disappear, as both as a once popular idea, and as a functioning government.  Every remaining state, region and person on the continent, and in the world, will be better for it.

Originally published at LewRockwell.com.

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