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Walter Block vs. Wendy McElroy vs. Stefan Molyneux vs. Ron Paul

Walter Block vs. Wendy McElroy vs. Stefan Molyneux vs. Ron Paul

Walter Block is back with another controversial article this time questioning a four year old article by Wendy McElroy.

Here is Wendy’s response to Walter from four years ago when he raised similar issues, but never replied.

This is an ongoing debate that last reared its ugly head in a discussion between Walter Block and Stefan Molyneux. Here is Molyneux’s response to an article by Walter Block on arguments on the value and potential of political action, who is and who is not a libertarian, and Ron Paul.


Fittingly, here is an excerpt from a letter from Murray Rothbard to Wendy McElroy, dated October 1982, in which he offers a counter to the voluntaryist contention that voting is immoral.

Christine Smith makes the counterpoint more succinctly:

Video has been removed.


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