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Renato Moicano: “If You Care About Your...Country, Read Ludwig von Mises.”

Last night, Brazilian fighter Renato Moicano went viral after his victory over JalinTurner at UFC 300, giving a shout-out to Ludwig von Mises himself.

I love America, I love the Constitution...I want to carry...guns. I love private property. Let me tell you something. If you care about your...country, read Ludwig von Mises and the six lessons of the Austrian economic school.

The full clip is available here, with some colorful adult language included.

Moicano’s endorsement of Mises is a credit to the growing Austrian economics movement in Brazil, which has not only enjoyed success within universities and the political system but also culturally. Despite the imposition of socialist president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and the extreme crackdown on free speech being imposed on the nation through the court system, as highlighted by Elon Musk and journalists on X, the Menos Marx, Mais Mises movement that captivated Brazilian politics in 2016 continues to bear fruits.

Increasingly, MMA has become an arena for free thinkers to push back against progressive ideology across the globe. The UFC was among the first major brands to push against covid tyranny, and a number of its fighters have utilized their podiums for political messages that go against corporate-approved narratives. None, however, are as subversive as promoting the wisdom unique to Mises and the Austrian school.

Moicano doubled down on his message on X after the fight.

#ufc 300 I said and will say again if you care about the truth start to read mises… 6 lessons changed my perspective on money inflation and politics!!! #ufc #austrianschoolofeconomics

— Renato Moicano UFC (@moicanoufc) April 14, 2024

The “Six Lessons” Moicano references is the book Economic Policy by Mises, which was one of his most successful popular books. Republished in Brazil as Six Lessons, Economic Policy covers important topics such as capitalism, socialism, inflation, and more.

You can read the book that inspired Moicano for free at this link.

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