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Mises University Starts in Two Days. Will You Support Our Budding Scholars?

Only two days left until Mises University begins! Our students have completed their required readings and have already started discussing Misesian utilitarianism, Rothbardian natural law, and Hoppean argumentation ethics in the Mises University private group chat. We can already tell how enthusiastic and smart these students are!

We have students from forty-seven colleges and universities at this year’s Mises University. Look and see if your alma mater is represented at “The Best Week of the Year!”

Mises University would not happen without our generous donors. There’s still time to support this year’s program. Thank you!


Angelo State University
Auburn University
Belmont Abbey College
Boise State University
Bryan College
Casper College
Chalmers University of Technology
Coastal Alabama Community College
Cornerstone University
East Tennessee State University
Ferris State University
Florida Southern College
Florida State University
Furman University
George Mason University
Grove City College
Hokkaido University
IBMEC Belo Horizonte (Brazilian Institute for Capital Markets)
Indiana University
Ljubljana University
Loyola University New Orleans
Mises Graduate School
Montana State University, Bozeman
Ohio State University
Oklahoma State University
Örebro University
Oxford (Christ Church)
Patrick Henry College
Penn State Erie- the Behrend Campus
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
University of Colorado Denver
University of Georgia
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
University of Kentucky
University of Michigan Dearborn
University of Missouri
University of Montana
University of Montevallo
University of Notre Dame
University of Oxford
University of Pittsburgh Bradford
University of Tennessee
University of the South
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Wabash College
West Virginia University

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