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The Ideas Taught at Mises U Are the Greatest Threat to the Establishment

In 2020, for the first time, the Mises Institute had a video removed by YouTube. The video was a lecture by Tom Woods on “The Covid Cult,” where he stated the noncontroversial opinion that virus-related lockdowns failed any public health objectives. While the WHO agreed with Dr. Woods, authorities in Washington did not—and that was enough for its removal.

This was the first time, we do not expect it to be the last.

That is why we have made investments in platforms that diminish our reliance on Big Tech, including an embrace of an alternative video streaming service, Odysee—developed by supporters of the Mises Institute.

Later this month, the Mises Institute will be hosting our most important—and most watched—event of the year: Mises University. We are proud to announce that for the first time, we will be using Odysee’s platform to live stream our lectures.

As Jeff Deist noted in 2018:

The state and its cronyist friends have built a world that seeks to silence our perspectives. We must recognize that arguments and content mean nothing if conduits for disseminating them are shut down.

There is no greater threat to the prevailing progressive ideology that dominates both Washington and Silicon Valley than the ideas celebrated at Mises University. To help continue this vital program, please consider a donation today.

Mises University starts Sunday, July 18. Follow along at home, on Odysee, by visiting mises.org/live.

It is not too late to provide a scholarship for a Mises University student. Please donate today.

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