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Two Essays by Wilhelm Ropke

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06/15/1987Wilhelm Röpke

This book presents two essays by the late Röpke published in 1951 and 1957: "The Problem of Economic Order" and "Welfare, Freedom, and Inflation". The justification for republishing them lies in the fact that they are still very relevant, especially now that the prevailing drift of academic opinion has changed at the expense of Keynesian economics and democratic socialism.


Wilhelm Röpke

Wilhelm Röpke (1899-1966) was schooled in the tradition of the Austrians and made enormous contributions to the study of political institutions. His powerful anti-Keynesian writings in particular underscore what an outstanding economist he was and the extent to which he was influenced by Mises. Röpke defended sound money and free trade, and attacked welfare. He was a passionate advocate of laissez-faire.


1987, University Press of America, Lanham,MD