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Scientism and Values

Scientism and Values by Helmut Schoeck

Tags Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

06/15/1960Helmut Schoeck

From the author:

The purpose of this paper is to consider social science and the problem of value within the over-all framework of "scientism and the study of man." By "scientism" I mean here a boundary transgression or a misuse of otherwise legitimate procedures and attitudes of science.

To put the problem into clearer perspective, it may be well to consider briefly what is meant here by science and the "enterprise of science." To a large extent, of course, this is a matter of method. But that the material success and the prestige of modern natural science have aggravated the problem—if they have not actually created it—goes without saying.



D. Van Nostrand Company, INC. Princeton, NJ, 1960

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