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The Roosevelt Myth

  • The Roosevelt Myth by John T. Flynn

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08/15/1948John T. Flynn

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the most sainted president of the 20th century. You have to look far and wide to discover the truth about his character and policies. But as John T. Flynn noted in this landmark 1948 volume, FDR actually prolonged the Great Depression and deliberately dragged the country into a war that seriously compromised American liberties.

What's more, he did this despite campaign promises to slash bureaucracy and cut spending. He ran as a small-government liberal, a fact (among a million) that has been completely forgotten today.

This new edition has an introduction by historian Ralph Raico, who shows that this work still remains the best overall book on the FDR era. Flynn wrote a devastating indictment. If the contents of the book were widely known, the monuments erected in FDR's honor would be torn down forthwith.

So crucial is a proper understanding of the 1930s to applying Austrian School theory today that this work is highly recommended as a part of every Austrian library.

The contents of this essential work of 437 pages.


Mises Institute, 2008

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