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The Private Production of Defense

The Private Production of Defense by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Tags War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

12/01/1998Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Hans Hoppe takes on the most difficult subject in economic and political theory: the provision of security. He argues that the service is better provided by free markets than government, while addressing a hundred counter-arguments. Here we have an important updating of an argument rarely made even in the libertarian tradition.

"Without the erroneous public perception and judgment of the state as just and necessary and without the public’s voluntary cooperation, even the seemingly most powerful government would implode and its powers evaporate. Thus liberated, we would regain our right to self-defense and be able to turn to freed and unregulated insurance agencies for efficient professional assistance in all matters of protection and conflict resolution." —Hans-Hermann Hoppe


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Hans-Hermann Hoppe is an Austrian school economist and libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher. He is the founder and president of The Property and Freedom Society.


Journal of Libertarian Studies, Winter 1998-99, 14(1), pp. 27-52. Mises Institute book 2009.