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Political Union vs. Economic Cooperation

  • The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Tags Political Theory

07/30/2014Young Back Choi


Volume 4, No. 2 (Summer 2001)


If the unfounded optimism about the gains from unification can be deflated in the South, there is a better chance for peace. This would make the South Koreans more cautious and open to exploring alternatives that would allay the North’s fear that the South has a hidden agenda in suing for peace in the peninsula. A fair understanding of the source of the primary benefits of unification will be a sound basis for the exploration of alternatives If the analysis presented here, however, is even half-correct, the option of no unification merits serious consideration, for according to the analyses presented above, unification would be too costly.


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Young, Back Choi. "Political Union vs. Economic Cooperation." The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 4, No. 2 (Summer 2001) 25-39.

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