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01/01/1998 Mises.org

Auburn University | August 1- 8, 1998

The Mises University is the world's leading instructional program in the Austrian School of economics. Since 1984, it has been the essential training ground for economists who are looking beyond the mainstream.

Rooted in the tradition of Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises, the Mises University offers a rigorous and logical approach to economics that gives free markets their due and takes full account of the realty of human choice.

The faculty is headed by the editors of The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, and the program offers courses on market behavior, competition, value and utility, money and banking, business cycles, industrial organization, method, economic history, the philosophy of science, and more.

Come deepen your knowledge of the Austrian School, or discover it for the first time, at the 1998 program, held at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, August 1-8, 1998. Scholarships for full-time students cover living accommodations, meals, tuition, study materials, and travel to and from the Atlanta, Georgia, airport.

Senior Faculty

Hans-Hermann Hoppe
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Joseph Salerno
Pace University

Jeffrey Herbener
Grove City College

David Gordon
The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Ralph Raico
State University College at Buffalo

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Batemarco
Marymount College

Thomas DiLorenzo
Loyola College

Joerg Guido Huelsmann
Mises Biographer

Peter Klein
University of Georgia

Richard Vedder
Ohio University

Mark Thornton
Office of the Governor, Alabama


Andy Barnett
Auburn University

James Barth
Auburn University

Roger Garrison
Auburn University

David Laband
Auburn University

John Sophocleus
Auburn University

John Wells
Auburn University

Special Guest Lecturer

Leland B. Yeager
Auburn University

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