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Ideas on Liberty: Essays in Honor of Paul L. Poirot

  • Ideas on Liberty: Essays in Honor of Paul L. Poirot

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08/23/1987Robert G. Anderson

Paul Poirot is remembered by most people as the thirty-year editor of The Freeman, the monthly journal published by the Foundation for Economic Education since 1956. But Paul Poirot was much more than just an editor. Dr. Poirot was an uncompromising proponent of the ideal concept of a free society and the Austrian economic theory perspective upon which an unhampered market process is founded. Poirot and his journal, The Freeman, never wavered from advancing the cause of individual liberty and the essential absolutes of private property and monetary freedom required for the achievement of a free market order.

This festschrift reflects the legacy of Poirot in his life-long pursuit of the philosophy of freedom. Compiled by Robert G. Anderson and Beth Hoffman, the essays were written upon his retirement in 1987. Almost all of the authors were long-time friends and associates of Dr. Poirot.

Special thanks to Gary North for making this book available again in both print and eBook format.

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