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How Do We Know


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10/11/1981Leonard E. Read

The master educator of liberty reflects on learning, and other forms of self-improvement. In the title essay, Leonard Read writes, "Everyone who pursues an improved understanding of how freedom works its wonders makes a contribution to a higher-grade civilization. More people than now must make freedom their lifelong study." If you could use some inspiration to redouble your efforts to teach yourself "how freedom works its wonders", then this is just the book for you. Read especially inspires the autodidact in this book is by his own example. Read was aptly named indeed, for he read everything! And he peppers all his essays with wisdom he has mined from the great, but now neglected, tradition of western letters. Everyone from Roman poets to Enlightenment philosophers are quoted to great effect. Read was a master at marshaling the wisdom of antiquity for the modern case for liberty.


Leonard E. Read

Leonard E. Read was the founder of the Foundation for Economic Education — the first modern libertarian think tank in the United States — and was largely responsible for the revival of the liberal tradition in post–World War II America.