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Comment on Tullock's "Why Austrians Are Wrong About Depressions"

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07/20/2005Joseph T. Salerno

With regard to Tullock's "major objection" to the theory, his argument (pp. 3-10) is likewise marred by an apparent unfamiliarity with advanced expositions of the theory. I shall not attempt here to give a point-by-point critique of the author's main argument that, during a typical Austrian business cycle, "there would be only minor transitional unemployment [and] measured GNP would be higher as a result" (p. 74). It is enough to point out that the author's conclusion rests on basic misconceptions about Austrian capital theory and structure-of-production analysis.


  and reply by Gordon Tullock, Review of Austrian Economics, 1989, 3, pp. 147-158, "Why Austrians Are Wrong about Depressions, Review of Austrian Economics, 2, pp. 73-78.

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