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Central Planning and Neomercantilism

  • Central Planning and Neomercantilism by Helmut Schoeck

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06/15/1964Helmut Schoeck

From the author:

Today as ever we can point to gaps and disturbances in our social, cultural, and economic environment which we all might wish were not there. There will never be a society so perfect, and with all its members on the same high level of well-being at the same time, that nothing could be imagined to be improvable. The question is only whether some sort of central planning, and centralized allocation of resources to pay for the programs, will do the trick.

The contributors to this volume are probably as distressed by the sight of slums, unemployment, and wasted resources as the planners. But they see little in the facts to feed a hope that these blemishes in a society will go away after vigorous centralized planning. They think they can offer solid reasons and numerous series of facts to support the conclusion that such planning, no matter how well intentioned, usually will make the problems only more intractable.



D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. Princeton, NJ, 1964

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