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A Bull in China

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06/01/2007Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers first went to China in 1984 and he has been tracking it ever since. He saw what was happening there long before the news hit the headlines. He knows its industries and opportunities. He understands the state and how it works there. He also understand the super peculiar nature of what the Chinese called communism: it is as much or more like Western capitalism than our own systems.

No author can speak with as much authority about the opportunities in China, and the specifics of how they are going to play out in the years ahead. He speaks of what the Chinese producer and consumer love about the United States and its culture, and what they will not tolerate. Is he bullish? Absolutely. But he councils knowledge and awareness more than anything. There are massive profit opportunities in this new land undergoing vast economic expansion. But you have to know your way around. Rogers is the best possible guide.


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