Gertrude Coogan's Bluff: Greenback Populism as Conservative Economics

Gary North

Gertrude Coogan is not a household name. She never was. But, because of recent political and economic events, her ideas are getting a hearing in conservative circles. This monograph is North’s attempt — in the phrase of B-Westerns in the late 1930s — to “head-off at the pass” the ideas of the 1880s Greenback Labor Party.

Gurtrude Coogan's Bluff by Gary North
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Gary North
Gary North
Power & Market Gary North
[This article was originally published on in 2003.] If gold is to be re-monetized, then this must mean that it has been de-monetized. But isn’t gold money? No, gold is not money. It...
Mises Daily Gary North
Gary North shows how Rothbard always had the ability to go to the central issue in a debate. He wrote clearly. He wrote continuously. He wrote for almost anyone who would give him an opportunity to put an idea in print.
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