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Keynesianism and World Inflation

글로벌경제화폐와 은행화폐와 금융기타 학파

Keynes believed that all economic problems could be overcome with global inflation. This would bring about a new utopian age in which only social and scientific problems would remain.
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Kevin Dowd: Against Monetary Stimulus

연방준비제도화폐와 은행세금과 정부지출

Kevin Dowd explains how policies like negative interest rates not only reflect bad economic thinking, but also pose a danger to the civil liberties.
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Kansas Bleeds

미국 역사

In this episode, Chris Calton describes the erupting tensions between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers and politicians.
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Kevin Gutzman: Thomas Jefferson—Revolutionary

전기(傳記)분권과 독립미국 역사정치 이론

Dr. Gutzman discusses some of the overlooked ways Thomas Jefferson shaped America, and how Jefferson's radical views are often underplayed by many academics today.
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Keynes Destroyed the West

자본⦁이자 이론간섭주의

Interviewed by host Jay Taylor, John Cochran explains how Keynes’ anti-free market interest rates are destroying life sustaining capitalism.
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Keynes and the Pyramids

세계역사화폐이론기타 학파철학과 방법론

Keynes loved the pyramids. The attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of the pyramid project is part of a larger cultural effort to prop up the respectability of government in general and the nation-state in particular, writes Paul A. Cantor. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Joel Sams.
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Keynes and Hayek Head to Head

오스트리안 경제학철학과 방법론정치 이론

Graphical demonstration that relaxing three critical-but-implausible assumptions underlying Keynes’s theorizing allows the Keynesian framework to morph into the Austrian framework. Recorded at Mises University 2010.
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