Journal of Libertarian Studies

Without Firing a Single Shot: Societal Defense and Voluntaryist Resistance

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

One might ask: why has there been so little consideration of nonviolent resistance among libertarians? Is it because they are so enamored of the concept of self-defense that they automatically assume that violence in the sphere of self-protection should be automatically extended to national defense? The argument in this paper is not that nonviolent struggle should be the only form of social defense acceptable to libertarians, but rather that it offers a consistently moral and practical way for an anarchical society to protect itself.

Volume 20, Number 3 (2006)


Watner, Carl. “Without Firing a Single Shot: Societal Defense and Voluntaryist Resistance.” Journal of Libertarian Studies 20, No. 3 (2006): 29–45.

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