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Yuri N. Maltsev is a Professor of Economics at Carthage College in Wisconsin. He held various government and research positions in Moscow, Russia. Before defecting to the US in 1989, he was a member of a senior economics team that worked on President Gorbachev's reforms package of perestroika. Before settling in the Midwest, he was a Senior Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. a US federal research agency. His work involved briefing members of Congress and senior officials at the executive branch on issues of national security and foreign economic and military assessment. He also testified before the US Congress and appeared on CNN, PBS News Hour, C-Span, CBC, and other American, Canadian, Spanish, South African, and Finnish television and radio programs. He has authored and co-authored fifteen books and over a hundred articles. He is a recipient of the Luminary Award of the Free Market Foundation.

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Murray N. Rothbard como crítico del socialismo

Historial MundialOtras Escuelas de PensamientoFilosofía y Metodología

11/27/2018The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Rothbard calificaba al socialismo como la “abolición violenta del mercado”.


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La lección de la Medicina Soviética

Gran GobiernoSaludIntervencionismo

08/31/2018The Free Market
En 1918, la Unión Soviética se convirtió en el primer país en prometer una cobertura de salud universal "de la cuna a la tumba", que se lograría a través de la socialización completa de la medicina. Los resultados desastrosos hablan por sí mismos.


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