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Wal-Mart to Hire Only Women


Not really, but Wal-Mart should consider it.

In the current class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart that has just been certified by a federal appeals court: “The plaintiffs allege that women were paid less than, and were given fewer opportunities for promotion than, their male counterparts.”

If women are willing to work for less than men, then clearly Wal-Mart should hire only women to reduce labor costs. For more on the “pay gap,” see Walter Block.

Laurence M. Vance is an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute, founder of the Francis Wayland Institute, and a columnist for LewRockwell.com and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of The War on Drugs is a War on FreedomWar, Christianity, and the State: Essays on the Follies of Christian Militarism, and War, Empire, and the Military: Essays on the Follies of War and U.S. Foreign Policy.

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