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US Edges Perilously Closer to World Economy


Tags Monetary TheoryValue and Exchange


It seems a certain pizza chain in the American Southwest currently accepts Mexican pesos as well as dollars for their pies. This business practice resembles that not only of international airports all over the world (except possibly for airports in the US), but also the practices of at least some establishments, I should think, along the Canadian border of the US (Canadian dollars, of course, rather than pesos). A bar in Nome, Alaska accepted Soviet rubles for a while in the late Eighties, and took a beating on them when the Soviet state crumbled.

It seems some Americans (probably the first to offer dollars in payment overseas, if they ever travelled abroad) take umbrage at this practice of Padron Pizza. They threaten to exercise their freedom to buy their pizza elsewhere because Padron exercises its freedom to accept whatever they want for their products.

As long as we're all free . . .

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