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Home | Blog | Street named for Libertarian who died in 9/11 WTC attack

Street named for Libertarian who died in 9/11 WTC attack


From The LP.org webpage:

Over 100 people attended the ceremony at which Franklin Avenue was designated as John W. Perry Avenue in honor of the officer, a member of the Libertarian Party who grew up on the street, who attended local schools — and who gave his life to help preserve the lives of others in the WTC.

According to police reports, Perry was at police headquarters in Manhattan on Sept. 11 to fill out his retirement papers. An attorney who graduated from the NYU School of Law, he intended to join a local law firm and was expected to run for office as a Libertarian.

But when the call for emergency assistance came, Perry left his paperwork behind at police headquarters and went to the twin towers. When the south tower collapsed, he was inside, guiding people to safety, according to police officers who survived. He had been told to evacuate, but refused to leave the building as long as there were people inside who he could help.

This is what courage is. Courage is saving lives even when you know that doing so will mean certain death for yourself. Courage isn't napalming defenseless civilians or dropping bombs on people from thousands of feet above.


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