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Sins of Our Fathers


Here's a letter I just sent to the editor of the Wall Street Journal concerning the toadying op-ed in that newspaper's edition of January 20 concerning the administration's fradulent Social-Security "privatization" initiative. It's on the strong side (the way I do), but they once published something else I sent them in the same vein: Like Our Parents? John W. Snow's call for support for the administration's rejiggering of Social Security ended with the ringing, if predictable exhortation that "To turn away from this challenge would be tantamount to turning our backs on our children and grandchildren."

Well, in establishing and perpetuating a collectivist scheme operating through the infinitely corruptible hands of our government, our own parents and grandparents have left me with a very clear understanding of what would be best for our children and grandchildren. We must turn our backs on Social Security. Or our own children and grandchildren will end up as we have. And for the same reasons.

N. Joseph Potts studies economics at his home in South Florida. Send him mail.

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