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Sad News


Lawrence Moss, who was a wonderful fellow traveler of the Austrian School and the editor of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, has passed away. The arrangements for a memorial service for him are incomplete, but I spoke to his widow tonight, Widdy Ho, and gave her my condolences.

Larry edited the book The Economics of Ludwig von Mises, which came from a session he helped to organize at the annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association in 1973. I love his last line in his piece on Mises’ monetary theory that went something like this: “Money not only mattered to Mises, but it mattered all of the time.”

The AJES was (and still is) a journal that has been friendly to the Austrians and has provided a wonderful outlet for papers with Austrian themes, yet was considered more of a “mainstream” journal. I have served on its editorial board for eight years and have reviewed many a paper that was submitted.

Larry Moss is someone who will be missed. He was a great scholar and a great guy, and I am one who mourns his passing.

Bill Anderson is a professor of economics at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland.

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