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Rental Cars and Sports Stadiums


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What do rental cars and sports stadiums have in common? Everything, if you live in Kansas City, Mo. According to an article titled "Tax Burden Heavy for Travelers" in the September issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine, "In 2005, the city decided to finance a stadium by tacking on a $4 per day surcharge to its already high taxes on car rentals." According to a Travelocity study, "Taxes added an average of 63 percent to the cost of renting a car" in Kansas City. In cities like Atlanta and Dallas, which also used car rental taxes to finance stadiums, "Taxes raise the bottom line on car rentals by more than 50 percent." And it is not just rental cars, it is also (as we all know) hotel rooms. This is all just a reminder that is not just the federal government that taxes us to death. Gee, wouldn't it be great to pay an additional 30 percent FairTax on your already over-taxed rental car?

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