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Our Fascist State and Martha Stewart


Now that the State has finished the fascist imprisonment of Martha Stewart for engaging in non-crimes, they've committed her to house-arrest, as if she's some kind of dangerous criminal. This is clearly a ludicrous attempt by the State to embarrass, humble, and humiliate Ms. Stewart. However, she is of such high dignity that she apparently has not let this atrocious miscarriage of justice depress her spirits.

Much has been made about the treatment Stewart has received upon being released from prison: having a chartered plane ready for her, having more latitude than most criminals under house-arrest, etc. Of course, regarding her jet, she's earned that by providing value to millions of people; as for her relative freedom on house-arrest — having a "longer leash" than most on house-arrest — such ignores the fact that Ms. Stewart hasn't harmed anyone, and is not a dangerous person who needs to be monitored.

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