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My letter to the Editor of the UNLV Newpaper


Regarding the student who felt "insulted" by Hoppe's lecture, it is most unfortunate that this nonsense has been allowed to go on. The student should be told to grow up. The UNLV should allow professor's to expose students to new, provocative, and even controversial ideas. Hoppe was simply stating an accurate generalization: a person who does not have children will not save as much as they otherwise would. This can be applied to homosexuals, in so far as they don't have children.

There are many professors who believe homosexuality is morally wrong*. They shouldn't be prevented from arguing such. Professors' lectures shouldn't be filtered through an academic bureaucracy of political correctness and "non-offensiveness". Furthermore, it is a violation of the University's contractual agreements with Prof. Hoppe for them to punish him for exercising academic freedom.

The University should apologize to Prof. Hoppe for this. Furthermore, any members of the UNLV administration who allowed this disgrace to propagate should be fired.

* I am not trying to say here that Hoppe believes this. I am saying that if he can't even make economic generalizations about homosexuals as a group, then surely professors of morality/philosophy can't discuss questions regarding the morality of homosexuality or homosexual behaviour. This would lead to a stiffling of moral discussions, as professors wouldn't want to "offend" anybody by arguing that actions they partake in are wrong.

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