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LIBERTY: Ours for the Taking!

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Benjamin Tucker’s journal Liberty was the foremost organ of 19th-century American individualist anarchism, and a major influence on Murray Rothbard and modern libertarianism; contributors to Liberty included such prominent free-market luminaries as Lysander Spooner, Auberon Herbert, and Vilfredo Pareto. (For background, see articles by Wendy McElroy and Carl Watner.)

Regrettably, copies of Liberty have been damnably hard to find – until now. The amazing Shawn Wilbur has just finished posting the entire run of Liberty in PDF form on his website. Details here.

The interface is bare-bones at the moment, but Shawn has plans for text-search capacity and other cool stuff.

As he urges: “download, download, download!” to ensure that “there is never again any question of Liberty not being available.”

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