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Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship in March's 'The Free Market'


The March issue of The Free Market is now online featuring David Gordon’s new review of Butler Shaffer’s A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property:

Butler Shaffer’s superb new monograph offers an easy way to unravel the IP puzzles. He starts from a fundamental prin­ciple basic to libertarianism and explains how the implications of this principle shed light on IP issues. What is this principle? It is that rights stem from “the informal processes by which men and women accord to each other a respect for the inviolability of their lives"… In adopting this stance, Shaffer puts himself at odds with much that passes in our day for wisdom among professors of law.

And Peter Klein discusses how the entrepreneur is at the center of what drives economic growth:

Markets aren’t static, lifeless mathematical constructs but lively, vigorous spaces where people interact and coordinate. Firms, markets, and industries don’t just come into existence by themselves, they have to be created and operated by real people with real responsibility. These people are entrepreneurs, what Mises called the “driving force” of the market economy.

Also in this month’s issue is a wide variety of scholar and alumni notes, and news from the Mises Institute including Gary North’s donation of his 10,000 books, and more.  

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