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Hundreds Dead in Cuban Dengue Outbreak


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The Caribbean island of Cuba has recently been experiencing a strange outbreak of dengue. This may have resulted in hundreds of deaths throughout the island, something the Castro regime has done little to acknowledge the outbreak. Doctors at hospitals have also been dying from this disease leaving fewer individuals to properly treat patients. José Antonio Fornaris of writes that

In the end, no one can say for certain; the government-controlled media have not acknowledged the spread of the disease while many claim to know of at least one case of the mosquito-borne illness.
Last Monday, Carlos Campos, a 61-year-old physician who was director of the Luis de la Puente Uceda hospital died; some say of heart disease, others claim dengue was the cause of death.
Campos was the chief of the team of doctors performing medical tests on Cubans migrating to the United States.

This is a perfect example of the type of cover-ups associated with these tyrannical communist governments. Castro has refused to comment on the outbreak and has given little aid to the island in order to facilitate the treatment of patients. While the communist elite are in their mansions consuming thousands of dollars in luxury goods a day, the citizenry can not even fight the spread of a preventable disease. Communism is not equal wealth distribution, it is wealth confiscation.

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