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The Hammer and Hockey Stick

February 18, 2005

Today's (Friday's) Wall Street Journal editorializes about the famous Hockey Stick graph of the world's temperature chart that would seem alone to have motivated the Kyoto Protocols. The chart has been exposed as a fraud.

This brings two things to my mind: first, the persecution of Hans-Hermann Hoppe for illustrating his economic point with a politically incorrect example, and judicial review of court decisions. That Dr. Hoppe is in real danger of being marginalized for speaking truth is starkly evident from the careers mentioned in the editorial as having been destroyed by Climatologist Michael Mann's lies.

Why is not Dr. Mann being persecuted for falsifying data leading to globally ruinous government interventions in the processes by which humankind feeds, clothes, and shelters itself? And now we see that the verdicts rendered by the Kyoto Protocols are based on false evidence. Why is there no "appeals" process by which, as in court cases so based, the draconian verdict can be reversed? At least, since the US abjured the Kyoto Protocols, I am for once proud of my country's government. For something it didn't do.

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