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The Grave Crimes of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is akin to McDonald's. It is apotheosis of everything wrong with America. Entering the maw of a Wal-Mart is creepy. Any normal person over the age of 40 viscerally feels, as the cornucopia of junk and tatterdemalion illegal immigrants who shop there deluge his eyes, that something is horribly wrong beneath the garish consumerism and materialism. Well, something is wrong. The company knows no loyalty... Wal-Mart is subsidizing the destruction of America. Libertarians and so-called conservatives support the endeavor. Some of us dare call that treason.

Wow, one would never guess that Wal-Mart is guilty of nothing other than making a profit by selling stuff that people want at prices that people can afford. The crime additionally singled out in the editorial above is that its foundation gave money to the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute—along with the NAACP and the National Council of La Raza. No, none to the Mises Institute, sorry to report.

Ok, now the guessing game. Where did the comment above appear? No, not the Workers World or the CPUSA, as you might gathered from the way in which its socialism is mixed with nationalist tones, but Chronicles, November 2006, p. 7.

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