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Firefly due out soon.


This post is per the request of Mr. Adam Martin... Imagine Star Wars but Han Solo was the main character instead of Luke Skywalker. Though it's not a full length film yet, "Firefly" may deserve a strong place on the listing of films of libery. The series has strong libertarian threads running through each episode. Here are some select quotes:

"That's what governments are for: to get in a man's way."

"A government is just a group of people, usually notably ungoverned."

The crew of the space craft act as salvagers and liberators just trying to get by in an intergalactic totalitarian state. Read Roderick Long's post on the series at the Austro-Athenian Empire. The movie following up the series, "Serenity," is coming out on September 30. The SciFi channel is going to start airing the TV series next Friday evening. A point of note is that the episodes will air in their intended order unlike their original Fox broadcasts.

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