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Environmentalism = Primitivism? Where'd You Get That Idea?


Tags Philosophy and Methodology

I am left speechless by this New York Times article about an environmentalist couple who have given up even toilet paper in order to "save the planet." It is a "lifestyle experiment they call No Impact. Its rules are evolving...but to date include eating only food (organically) grown within a 250-mile radius of Manhattan; (mostly) no shopping for anything except said food; producing no trash (except compost); using no paper; and, most intriguingly, using no carbon-fueled transportation."

How exactly could one parody this?

(Link via Drudge.)

Tom Woods, a senior fellow of the Mises Institute, is the author of a dozen books, most recently Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion. Tom's articles have appeared in dozens of popular and scholarly periodicals, and his books have been translated into a dozen languages. Tom hosts the Tom Woods Show, a libertarian podcast that releases a new episode every weekday. With Bob Murphy, he co-hosts Contra Krugman, a weekly podcast that refutes Paul Krugman's New York Times column.

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