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The Education of Barack Obama


What do we really know about Barack Obama, the throwback to the 1930s who truly hearts the ever expanding state?

Well, we learned from Barack Obama himself that he’d been mentored in high school by the communist poet Frank Marshall Davis, he’d sought out Marxist professors at college, he’d spent his off-hours attending socialist conferences and listening to the leftist sermons of a “liberation” preacher, and he’d eventually enlisted as a foot soldier in Saul Alinsky’s army.

But Obama didn’t tell us everything. He didn’t tell us that the people who raised him — his mother and grandparents — attended “The Little Red Church on The Hill”. And he didn’t tell us what those dreams were that he’d derived from his father, not really. We didn’t learn the truth about that until my Mises Econ Blog expose’ of Barack Obama’s socialist dreams from his socialist father.

And now, there’s this.

What more do we need to know?

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