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The Call of the Entrepreneur


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The Acton Institute has put together a very effective hour-long feature called The Call of the Entrepreneur, which has been premiering in theaters across the country over the past several months. We had the pleasure of premiering it in our own home not long ago, and it is quite excellent. For once, the moral dimension of entrepreneurial activity is brought to the fore and celebrated. For once the heroes are creators, not political hacks.

The film centers around three individuals and their stories. So as not to spoil it, I won't reveal anything more. But it's about time the private sector got this kind of sympathetic and compelling treatment. (The production values are surprisingly good, too.)

The film won't be generally available until the fall but it's worth pre-ordering. The website, where you can do just that (and also see a trailer, etc.), is worth a look as well.

Manuel Lora is a multimedia producer at Cornell University.

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