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Banned at "Free" Republic


I posted the following perhaps intelligent, somewhat educational comment in response to a plethora of posts denouncing Chuck Hagel's stand on the Israeli-Lebanese conflict and his call for a withdrawal of US troops in Iraq within 6 months:

Hagel is a real hero. Many of you seem to be lacking an education of what conservatism really is and have no knowledge of the old right. You might do well to read a history book. Funny how Bill Buckley and George Will are closer to Hagel's point of view than your own. Read up on Albert Jay Nock, Henry Hazlitt, HL Mencken, Garet Garrett, Isabel Paterson, John T. Flynn, Rose Wilder Lane, and Frank Chodorov.

I then directed them to the Wikipedia page on the subject.

My posting privileges were revoked two seconds thereafter.

I guess if you are going to get banned for your first post, you better make it a good one. To maintain your posting privileges it seems argumentum ad hominem, libel, and slander work best.

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