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Regarding Jeffrey Tucker´s  comment on the argument from Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen that national IQ:s are correlated with their level of prosperity, they do not "overlook" economic freedom as a factor behind growth. They say explicitly in their book that the reason why some high-IQ countries, like China, North Korea and Russia, are poor is because communism has inhibited the natural relationship between intelligence and wealth.  In, fact Professor Lynn is  quoted in the article saying "The per capita income in China is low - about £2,400 a year - because of the inefficiency of the communist system," Professor Flynn said. "Now the Chinese have introduced a market economy the growth rate is rapid, about 10 per cent a year compared with about 2 per cent in Europe. China can be predicted to reach parity with Europe and the US in about 50 years time, and become the new economic and military superpower."

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